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Concerned residents address school board about suspended teacher


A concerned group of parents questioned the transparency of the city’s school district Monday night during the Germantown Board of Education Meeting.

Parents said the unease stems from the recent suspension of a Houston High School teacher and the resignation of former principal Kyle Cherry.

Last month, William Rayburn, a choir teacher at Houston, was accused of kissing, touching and making inappropriate comments to students.

On April 11, he was suspended without pay, “pending investigation of charges of conduct unbecoming to a member of the teaching position.”

School officials are investigating the accusations but have not yet decided whether to remove Rayburn, who is not permitted on campus or at school functions “until further notice.”

Noting that she was representing a concerned group of citizens, Dawn Grayson told board members that parents are “entitled to have transparency on these issues.”

“We have the right to know that our children are safe from future harm, both physical and emotional,” she said. “We are frustrated that there is evidence to support that one of the teachers that leads our students had allegedly shown behavior that is both disturbing and detrimental to our children.

“We are deeply disappointed because we feel that there is evidence to support that there was a pattern of behavior from this educator that was not addressed at the administrative level and allowed to continue for a long amount of time,” she continued.

Grayson acknowledged that the teacher was not present to “defend” against specific allegations.

“So, we will not name this teacher,” she continued. “We acknowledge that the board and superintendent are now investigating these claims. We appreciate it.”

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Board members voted that the results of the TNReady test will not influence the grades of students. Initially, results were set to impact grades by up-to 15 percent. However, with so many statewide missteps, the school district has agreed to ignore the outcome.

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