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Metal roof planned for gazebo on Town Square

The centerpiece of Collierville’s Historic Town Square could soon get a new look.

The town’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen will vote Monday night to approve a $14,827 construction contract to replace the cedar shingle roof on the 23-year-old Town Square Gazebo with a new, more durable metal roof.

Roof replacement is the last phase of the renovation project for the gazebo. Recent renovation efforts have included painting the metal support poles and associated soffit system, sand blasting and applying an industrial paint to the hand railings, installing the Carillon system speakers and repairing cracks in the brick mortar of the steps and expansion joints.

The cedar ‘wood-shake’ roofing system was replaced in August 2007 and has been maintained by the town. Roof inspections have been performed by a consultant every three years.

Derek Honeycutt, director of General Services, said there are several contributing factors causing the current shingles to deteriorate faster than normal, with one being the heavy foot traffic on the roof during the Christmas decorating season.

“The shingles loosen and the staples start backing out,” he said, “leaving gaps for water penetration.”

Another issue is that the trees on the square create a canopy that prevents the shingles from drying, which allows moss to grow.

“The combination of these items have caused a few minor leaks to appear without resulting in any major damage to the bead board ceiling only some staining of the wood,” he said.

A musket gray seamed metal roof would fall within the town’s Historic District Guidelines. Honeycutt said a similar roof system was recently installed on the new Square restroom buildings. These have a 50-year life expectancy.

The town’s Facilities Maintenance Division will also create a pole with eyelets on each end that will have lights attached to it so a Christmas light installer can secure the pole to the hooks without stepping on the roof.

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