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Subdivision scheduled along Shelby Drive


An 18-lot residential subdivision is being scheduled for the northwest corner of Shelby Drive and Fleming Road, less than a half mile east of Carriage Crossing.

The Collierville Planning Commission is scheduled to approve the preliminary site plan this Thursday at their first meeting of 2018.

The 8-and-half-acre subdivision is part of the The Arches planned development, which was approved by the Board of Mayor and Aldermen last July.

The minimum residential lot size will 6,000 square feet.

Project applicant Wes Ashworth, with Collierville based Ashworth Engineering, said the intent of the project is to “create a neighborhood defined by exceptional quality in the design and construction of both the homes and public spaces.”

“The neighborhood will include a network of parks and more passive preserve areas to provide community gathering places, areas for relaxation and open spaces meant to work with and enhance the existing stream and stands of trees.

A community playground, a covered or open air structure and a walking trail will be developed as amenities within the common open spaces.

Sidewalks will be included along all streets and separated from the adjacent roadways by trees planted in a wide planting strip. These street trees will be planted at regular intervals as determined by species and the final location of adjoining homes to provide for shade and greater comfort for pedestrians and a more pleasing overall streetscape.

Street lighting will take into account safety and neighborhood scale to better serve those traveling on foot, by bike and car. Informal parking may occur along all streets to accommodate visitors.

A perimeter fence will be constructed where the property abuts Shelby Drive and Fleming Road.

A gated entry of scale and materials will be constructed at the entries to the neighborhood.

While the design of the gated entries and the perimeter fence is ongoing, Aspen LLC is committed to the final design emulating one or a combination of the fence designs. This perimeter fence will be composed of stone and/or brick, cedar and ornamental metal fence.

Some of the homes on the lots beyond 600 feet in the cul-de-sac will be required to have sprinkler systems.”

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