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Town says reenactment group refused to comply with parade rules

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A Collierville based Civil War reenactment group recently claimed that it was “denied” entry into Friday’s Christmas Parade.

Lee Millar, captain and president of the 51st Tennessee Infantry Regiment, said “political correctness censorship” led to organization being “rejected” by the town’s Parks and Recreation Department for the first time in 21 years.

“It’s a disgusting turn of events when a community group such as ours is prohibited from the parade,” said Millar.

However, town officials said the group refused to observe current parade rules.

Mark Heuberger, head of the town’s Public Information Office, said the organization would have been allowed to participate in the parade had it complied with town rules.

“Specifically,” he said, “each parade entry must have a holiday theme. Secondly, they were informed that they could not fire their firearms or carry the Confederate Flag.”

Heuberger said the town established a rule this year that permits parade entries to fly the American Flag or the State Flag. Other flags are no longer allowed.

“The Sons of the Confederate Veterans were welcome to participate in the Christmas Parade. They were not denied entry,” he said. “However, their parade entry did not comply with the rules.”

Millar said that the “regimental flag and muskets” are “integral to the group’s presentation.”

“(They) have been used every year previously,” Millar said, “and are in the context of Collierville’s history. The group…is best known in the parade for their 1860s uniforms and their musket firing each year.”

Millar said the 51st Tennessee Infantry Regiment is a non-profit historical education organization that presents programs as “both Union and Confederate soldiers.”

Heuberger added that more than 100 other entries followed the town’s rules this year in the 41st annual parade.

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