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New residential lots considered for Historic District


The town’s Historic District Commission is slated to discuss a four-lot residential subdivision later this week on 1.25 acres at the corner of Poplar Ave. and Burrows Road.

The existing residence at 226 Burrows Road, a ranch-style house tucked behind a wall of shrubbery, would be demolished in order to create the multi-lot Burrows subdivision.

The new side loaded carriage houses and garages would be no closer than 45 feet apart.

The property will have to be rezoned to a traditional neighborhood district.

“The intent is to create a traditional neighborhood that is in close proximity and walkable to the Town Square,” wrote Forrest Owens, the planning director for ETI Corporation, which offers land planning services.

Owens, who is also an alderman for the city of Germantown, said the proposed development conforms to the guidelines of the Historic District and the Downtown Collierville Small Area Plan.

He noted that the development would have a “traditional style,” similar to the recent Homewood Place and Natchez Place subdivisions.

Owens said that the current lot does present challenges, from its shallow depth, proximity to Poplar, the office property to the south, Unity Baptist Church to the east and larger lots to the north.

“All these factors make the site suitable to be a transitional property,” he noted. “Our request for slightly smaller lots and setbacks provides this transition.”

Front yard setbacks for the new homes would take cues from the Kelsey home at 90 W. Poplar Ave., which was built in 1910 and is the most historic house along the opposite block.

In order for the subdivision to be considered, the Historic District Commission must grant a Certificate of Appropriateness at its Aug. 24 meeting. The Planning Commission would then have to rezone the property and approve the site plan in October.