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Residential subdivision considered for Collierville’s Historic District

By Graham Sweeney
The Independent

A 12-lot residential subdivision is being considered on more than 5 acres in Collierville’s Historic District.

The town’s Historic District Commission is scheduled to discuss Thursday night whether to grant a “certificate of appropriateness” for a multi-lot subdivision on two jigsaw shaped parcels of land on the east side of Mount Pleasant Road between Natchez and Washington streets.

The Homewood Place subdivision would add 11 additional lots to the parcels while maintaining the existing historic residence at 243 Natchez Street. Two of the nearby “accessory structures” would be demolished in the process.

Private alleys would be added for rear access to the new lots.


“The district,” wrote Nancy Boatwright, the primary project planner for the project, “with its irregular lot patterns and home sizes, rural roadways, southern architectural styles and lush lawns, represents a microcosm of small town life in the nineteenth and twentieth century’s in Western Tennessee.”

If the town’s Historic District Commission grants the certificate of approval the Planning Commission will then have to approve the rezoning of the property.

Issues like drainage, detention, infrastructure, sidewalk installation, easements, etc. would then be addressed.

John McCarty with Homewood Place Partners said the intent of the development is to “create a traditional neighborhood with rear load garages and/or carriage houses.”

He said four lots would front Washington Street, with three more lots on Mount Pleasant and four new lots, along with the existing structure, on Natchez Street.

The new lots will vary in size from 7,262 to 13,698 square feet. The existing home is on a 26,705-square-foot lot.


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