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Town employee follows through with college degree

Mark Ellis has worked for the town of Collierville for 18 years. He worked his way up to Recreation and Sports Manager without a having a college degree, but that fact didn’t keep him from going ahead and getting one anyway.

Ellis initially started college in 1984, but left in 1988 to work full time. In 2012, he decided it was time to go back and finish the job. He enrolled in the online program at Mississippi State University in the Interdisciplinary Studies program. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in August 2016.

As manager of the Recreation and Sports division of the Parks Department, Ellis administers and supervises sports programs for the Town and assists in the day to day operations of the division. He started his career with the Town as Athletic Coordinator.

Ellis’s advice to anyone in a similar situation is to “pace yourself” by limiting the number of courses you take each semester. He also said to research what courses are available to you in order to get the ones that will be most interesting.

“I was able to take several marketing, web design, computer processing and sociology classes,” he said. “This not only made school more interesting, but helped me in my day to day work.”

“We are certainly proud of Mark on his graduation from Mississippi State University,” said Parks Director Greg Clark. “This is an example for our entire department that we should always set our personal and professional goals at the highest mark, and that hard work and commitment will help us achieve those milestones.”

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