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High school students to work as election officials on Tuesday

Voters can expect to see some younger poll workers on Election Day.
That’s because The Shelby County Election Commission (SCEC) has hired 135 high school students to work.
Carla Lytle, an official in the Election Department, who coordinates poll workers, said instructors contacted her about having students work the polls and the inquiry was met with enthusiasm.
“We were excited,” Lytle said “It’s a long day and these folks have lots of energy.”
Lytle said the students have shown lots of interest and have great attitudes.
“They are eager to learn about the process,” she said. “And, it’s an excellent civics lesson.” SCEC officials are hoping that students will want to work the polls in future elections, too. “We’d like to reach out to other high schools to work in upcoming elections, so more students can have this same experience,” Lytle said.
SCEC is working to engage younger voters, so hiring them to work on Election Day is a method to pique their interest in the election process. SCED officials also are hoping the young adults will share news of the experience with friends. Students who are 17 can work as election officers, but must do so with the permission of a parent. Students who are 18 must be registered voters, and don’t need parental consent.
Some schools with students participating include White Station, ECS, Bolton and Ridgeway High schools. Some home-schooled students also are participating along with their parents. It’s a win-win for SCEC and the students. Barrett Luketic, principal at Evangelical Christian School, said it’s important for the students learn about the political process. Luketic said his wife, Chris Luketic is the political science teacher, and she has worked as an election official, and spearheads the students’ involvement at ECS.

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