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Board approves final phases of The Stables subdivision

The Board of Mayor and Aldermen has approved the addition of four more phases to The Stables subdivision south of Wolf River Blvd.

The development agreement allows for the installation of infrastructure to serve the 104 lots in the remaining phases of the subdivision. Included in the project is the widening of the north side of Shelton Road from Bray Station Road to the eastern limits of the subdivision.

Phases 3-6 will complete the subdivision. The lots will range in size from 12,626 to 37,192 square feet.

The project will be bordered by the E-Plex landfill to the west.

The final phases of The Stable subdivision drew the ire of Alderman Billy Patton, who called Norman Brown III forward before the vote. Brown is the chief manager of The Stables Group and the majority owner of the E-Plex landfill.

“In the past,” Patton said, “we’ve had issues with the landfill odors. I can’t hold The Stables Group responsible for the landfill but I wanted you to know that I would love to not approve (the phases of the project) based on the complaints and the emails in the past that have filled my email box.

“I understand,” he continued, “that (The Stables Group and E-Plex) are two different entities and that The Stables Group can not be held responsible. Legally, my hands are tied.

“But it is my intent,” he concluded, “if we approve this tonight, to hold you personally responsible for all odors emanating from the landfill. I will pursue it as hard as possible.”

Patton ultimately voted for phases 3-6, stating, “Ethically I should say no. Legally I should say yes.”

Mayor Stan Joyner recused himself and Alderman John Worley abstained.

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