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Adopted pet finds job with local business

Adopted Pet Finds a Job with a Local Business

When you walk into Something Special at the Carriage Crossing Mall, you may be greeted by a furry, yet friendly, employee. Sassy is a seven year old Pit Bull who recently added a warm touch to the home décor store.
“She’s our shop dog and greeter,” said Sassy’s owner, Pam McGinnis. “When we arrive in the morning, she hops right out of the car and eagerly goes to the back door. She loves it here.”
Sassy seems to know her role as the customer greeter.
When someone walks through the front door, she walks up with her tail wagging and may even accompany a customer around the store.
“People have been very receptive to Sassy,” said McGinnis. “There are even customers who sit down on the floor with her.”
Sassy has been the shop dog at Something Special for a little over a month. She was adopted by McGinnis from the Collierville Animal Shelter on Christmas Eve. Originally visiting the shelter to adopt another dog, McGinnis was drawn to Sassy because of her age and sweet demeanor.
She was also very well trained, and “shop broken,” so she never has accidents inside or jumps on the furniture.
McGinnis mentioned that if she does decide to get another dog in the future, she will definitely adopt from the Collierville Animal Shelter again.
“They know so much about all of the dogs there from their temperament to their health. It was a great experience adopting through the Collierville Animal Shelter,” said McGinnis.
Collierville Animal Services adoption hours are from 1-4 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday at the shelter, 559 E. South Street.
For questions about pet adoption, call 457-2670 or click here to view a list of adoptable pets.

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