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Collierville among Shelby County municipalities to cut ribbon on new employee health center


On Nov. 16, the City of Bartlett, the Town of Collierville, the City of Lakeland, Arlington Community Schools, Bartlett City Schools, Collierville Schools, Lakeland School System and Millington Municipal Schools held a ribbon cutting event for the first of two health and wellness centers to provide primary and preventative healthcare to their employees and their dependents.
The new centers, called Care4Us, were created through a collaborative partnership between the Interlocal Health Benefits Committee, employee benefits specialists SHERRILL MORGAN, and Tennessee-based healthcare company CareHere.
Dr. Ted Horrell, Superintendent of the Lakeland School System, and chairman of the board for the Interlocal Health Benefits Committee said, “These clinics are the next step in ensuring our employees have the most efficient, affordable, quality, and convenient healthcare that we can offer.”
The Care4Us health and wellness centers will offer primary care services with no copayments, no deductibles, and no costs for on-site generic medications. This type of cost savings is an obvious benefit to employees and their families. Patients can schedule appointments online or over the phone. Appointments are never double booked, so the wait time is on average less than two minutes.
Mark Morgan, president of SHERRILL MORGAN, advised that implementing the facilities would not only benefit the employees, but also change the way they view healthcare. “One of the biggest issues in our country is ‘When can I see my doctor and for how long?’ These centers address those concerns in a very effective manner,” said Morgan.
CareHere will oversee and manage the operations of the facilities.
“CareHere is honored to have been chosen by this collaboration of cities and school systems as their partner. Our providers and wellness coaches are committed to the care of each of our patients by spending quality time with them in order to provide the optimal service with enthusiasm and compassion. We look forward to providing primary care and preventive care resources that will help to empower these employees and their families in reaching their health and wellness goals,” said CareHere President and CEO, Ernie Clevenger.
These facilities are located in the Town of Collierville and in the City of Bartlett. This name was given to the facilities by the employees of each of the entities through a naming contest held this summer.
The Care4Us in the Town of Collierville is located at 777 W. Poplar Ave., Suite 104, and began opening appointments on Nov. 17. The Care4Us in the City of Bartlett is scheduled to open its doors in early 2016.

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