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Wolf River Blvd. Connector dedicated to former mayor


Dedicating the Wolf River Blvd. Connector to former Germantown Mayor Sharon Goldsworthy on Friday are, from left, Alderman Dave Klevan, Mayor Mike Palazzolo, Alderman Rocky Janda, Alderman Forrest Owens, Goldsworthy and Alderman Mary Anne Gibson.

Germantown officially dedicated the Wolf River Blvd. Connector, which runs from Kimbrough to Farmington, to former Mayor Sharon Goldsworthy. The road will still be known as Wolf River Blvd. However, a sign reading “Dedicated to Sharon Goldsworthy” now stands marking the two-mile connection.
As mayor from 1994 to 2014, Goldsworthy was instrumental in the project.
“By reconfiguring the natural area, more than 300 acres across the river were placed into permanent conservancy as floodway and floodplain,” said Goldsworthy. “Engaging Audubon International provided the City with enormous guidance from start to finish, as well as credibility as we developed a roadway unlike any other in the region.
“The boulevard,” she continued, “is a remarkable experience, whether driving, biking or walking it. It exemplifies what can happen when a traditional road design in a river’s edge woodland, or anywhere, is rethought.”
Germantown Aldermen Mary Anne Gibson, Rocky Janda, Dave Klevan and Forest Owens joined City Administrator Patrick Lawton, Mayor Mike Palazzolo, former City Attorney Tom Cates, and city staff at the dedication.
The Wolf River Blvd.Connector is designated by Audubon International as a Certified Silver Signature Sanctuary.
The roadway is the first roadway in the world to earn certification in the prestigious Audubon International Signature Program.
The goal for the Wolf River Blvd. project team was to design and construct the roadway to limit the impact to adjacent aquatic systems and wildlife habitat, as well as to promote wildlife habitat connectivity.

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