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Loose leaf collection begins Nov. 2


Collierville Public Services will begin loose leaf collection on Nov. 2 and will run until March 31, 2016.
Loose leaf collection will follow the regular solid waste collection schedule as closely as possible. During peak times of leave falling this season, loose leaf collection times will vary depending on the volume of leaves and inclement weather.
Before swapping out your lawn mower with a rake, Public Services is asking residents to consider mulching leaves. Leaf mulching not only returns nutrients to the lawn, but is especially helpful to maintain smaller amounts of leaves.
The town’s Public Service Department grinds collected, aged leaves into a soil consistency that is excellent for gardening. Leaf compost material has been lab tested and reports have shown it is an excellent soil additive that will promote growth and add nutrients back into the soil.
As a recurring Saturday program, as long as there is a supply available, Collierville residents may selfload compost from the Public Services Transfer Station, 450 E. South Street, for free from 8 a.m. to noon.
Residents can still bag leaves. Bagged leaves will be collected on regular solid waste collection days.
Place loose leaves no more than five feet behind the curb, typically out of the street, as not to block drains.
Have them placed in the least amount of large dome shaped piles for collection.
Residents can call Public Services at 457-2800 any time and listen to the loose leave phone prompt to hear what day the Loose Leaf Collection crews are working, or visit for updates. Crews try to collect every Collierville resident’s leaves on a weekly basis.

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