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Cafeterias across Germantown to get makeover


When students attending Germantown Schools return from Fall Break they’ll begin to notice the gradual rollout of the new food provider.
Janette Luparia, Aramark’s regional marketing director, explained that the change needs to take place over time, “The staff in GMSD cafeterias must have time to practice and understand our recipes which are cooked from scratch.”
In fact, while students and teachers are on break, Aramark will be hard at work training staff on all of the upcoming changes to both service and food preparation. GMSD and Aramark felt it important to offer cafeteria positions to current employees. So, the break marks an employment change for them.
“When students return from the break the menus may remain the same, but they will notice some minor changes,” said Luparia.
At Dogwood and Farmington Elementary Schools, for example, the cafeterias will undergo a rebranding makeover. The cafeterias will be transformed into “Cool Cafes,” complete with bright colors, new ways to cue up ensuring faster service, and exciting signage.
On Nov. 1, the current cafeteria menus will be completely switched over to Aramark’s improved selections, and the tentative menus are available for viewing.
Until that time, the menus will remain the same with a few minor augmentations (i.e. hand made pizza will be available to our middle and high school students).
“At the high and middle schools, we are hoping to start installing all of the new kiosks,” said Stacey Fiser, administrative assistant to the Chief of Operations.
These kiosks will include a pizza stand and a tortilla bar.
“Aramark has some really exciting plans to increase the number of students who utilize the cafeteria,” said Fiser.
Some of the upcoming plans include a made-to-order deli station and, tentatively, a “Java grab n’ go bar” that serves decaf Starbucks-type fare.
The soft changeover is slated to begin next week, but will continue throughout the school year.
Most of the changes that will occur during the first month will be “behind the scenes,” such as new ovens, and other kitchen appliances.
“The Aramark food will be cooked fresh, not ‘heat n’ serve’ so there is a need for new equipment,” said Luparia.
She explained that Aramark employs a soft opening the first month as they find their footing in each individual building. During lunchtime, beginning after the break, cafeteria staff will survey samples of food items to the children—hopefully giving them insight to what the particular preferences of students are.
Seeking Volunteers:
The Germantown Municipal School District staff is working with the marketing team of Aramark to create some excitement in the cafeteria and could use some help.
The district is currently seeking 10-20 volunteers to paint the serving areas of Farmington and Dogwood Elementary on Oct. 15. Volunteers will be treated to complimentary lunch in the “testing kitchen” at Houston High School.
Supplies and a knowledgeable foreman will be provided. Email to volunteer.

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