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A Collierville business and homeowner’s association recognized

August - Back Yard Burger (2)web

RIGHT: Collierville Town Beautiful August Business of the Month – Back Yard Burgers, 849 W. Poplar Ave. From left are Ricky Evans, grill man Back Yard Burgers, Annette Barbee, general manager Back Yard Burgers, Jeff Brandon, member Collierville Town Beautiful Commission, and Stacie Johnson, cashier Back Yard Burgers.

BELOW: Collierville Town Beautiful August Homeowners Association of the Month – Wellington Ridge Homeowners Association. From left are Jeff Brandon, member Collierville Town Beautiful Commission, Gene Dianetti, president Wellington Ridge Homeowners Association, Sara Hale, vice president Wellington Ridge Homeowners Assoication, Ashely Kink, secretary, Wellington Ridge Homeowners Association, Johnny Adelman, landscaper Memphis Landscape, Polly Shipley, member Collierville Town Beautiful Commission.

August - Wellington Ridge (2)web

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