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District shows growth in nearly every subject


Collierville Schools announced last week that the district reached Level 5 status from the Tennessee Department of Education regarding last year’s student assessments.
Districts are ranked on a 1-5 level, with level 5 being the highest. All schools and the overall district also met and exceeded all Annual Measureable Objectives in math, which are measured through the Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program and End-of-Course exams.
The majority of our schools also met and exceeded all AMO’s in Reading and Language Arts. It is notable both the district and state had a slight decrease this year in those two areas.
“We have seen reading scores remain relatively flat in early grades over the past five years, yet we know this is one of the most critical skills we can equip our students with for success in life,” State Education Commissioner Candice McQueen said. “It’s our job to ensure that Tennessee students are prepared to take advantage of opportunities after graduation, and we must continue to find ways to support teachers in their efforts to reach all students.
Curriculum Supervisor and District Testing Coordinator Beth Robbins said, “In Collierville Schools, 75.1 percent of third through eighth graders scored proficient/advanced in Reading/Language Arts. While the district score was a 1.1 percent decrease from 2014, it was 26.7 percent above the state average. The state average for 2015 was also a 1.1-percent decrease from their 2014 average.”
Many Collierville teachers have been involved in training this summer for the new TNReady curriculum recently adopted by the Tennessee Department of Education and approved by the General Assembly.
A change in curriculum combined with new styles of testing may affect scores in the upcoming years. The district will “continue to educate employees, parents, students and the community on these new standards.”
John Aitken, Superintendent of Collierville Schools said, “I am proud of our teachers and all other employees for the wonderful job they do to provide a quality education for our students. The support of the Collierville community and our Board of Education are also keys to our success. There is room for improvement in our district, and we will face those opportunities and find ways to ensure student learning is taking place at a high level.”Testing Release (1)-1

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