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Germantown approves Western Gateway


The Germantown Board of Mayor and Aldermen approved the Western Gateway Plan after nearly a year of discussion.
Board members unanimously approved the plan 3-0 on second reading last week, with Alderman Greg Marcom recusing himself. Alderman John Drinnon was not present for the meeting.
The Western Gateway area is comprised of 58 acres and encompasses all properties located between Poplar and Poplar Pike between the eastern boundary of Kirby Farms and the western boundary of the city.
Economic and Community Development Director Cameron Ross said the plan is “strategically positioned to play a significant role in the future of Germantown’s economic growth and vitality.”
The plan involves three development strategies that encourage dense, mixed use urban development.
Noting that the Western Gateway area encompasses five properties, each zoned differently, Ross said the areas will be rezoned to three new designations, General Urban, General Urban Restricted and Urban Core. Permissible building heights will also be increased to three stories.
“These areas have a varying degree of acreage and commercial area associated with them,” Ross said. “With the Western Gateway, we are looking at taking 31 active commercial acres and expanding the ability to use those beyond just commercial-oriented uses, to expand those upwards and to increase the footprint and value added of those to 58 acres and exponentially grow the tax base in that area.”
The plan recommends a 50-foot setback from the property line adjacent to the neighborhood on the Kirby Farm site, with a buffer of planted vegetation to shield any light from structures and higher density development.
Three story buildings are not permitted within 150 feet of residential property lines.

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