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Town establishes street conversion policy


A policy establishing a review process and evaluation criteria for homeowners associations interested in having streets converted from public to private, and vice versa, has been approved by the town’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen.
Board members voted unanimously for the policy, described as “complex” by Town Administrator James Lewellen.
“Over the last several years,” said Development Director Jason Gambone, “town officials have received multiple inquiries from individual homeowners and their association representatives regarding the possibility of street conversion.
Gambone said many homeowners have private streets that they would like to make public in order to make them eligible for the list of streets that the town includes in the annual repaving program.
“There have been other inquiries regarding the possibility of public streets becoming private in order for homeowners to be able to install gates or restrict access by not allowing an adjacent development to connect to the existing right-of-way,” he said.
Homeowners associations must submit an application to the town.
The Planning Commission will receive and evaluate a preliminary application and provide a non-binding opinion as to whether the final application should be filed.
The Board of Mayor and Aldermen will then render the final decision as to whether the applicant has met the criteria for street conversion.

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