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Board will consider contract for renovations at historic high school

Collierville will continue to move forward with renovation efforts at the old Collierville Middle School property in the town’s Historic District.
The Collierville Board of Mayor and Aldermen will consider a $362,500 professional services contract Monday night for design and construction administration services related to what is now known as the Collierville Historic High School, home office of the town’s new municipal school district.
Among the proposed improvements is the demolition of the library/cafeteria to make room for a front entrance and atrium.
All building systems will be considered for upgrades or replacement, including HVAC, fire systems, electrical, plumbing and roofing systems.
Americans with Disabilities Act compliance will be addressed in the restrooms, stairways and entrances. The current elevator will also be relocated.
A new parking lot with green space and landscaping similar to the nearby University of Memphis satellite campus will also be designed for the project.
Exterior improvements to the College Street Recreation Center will also be made, including updating the main entrance and exterior lighting.
If the board approves the project, WALKERarch will provide the design services.
The local firm was responsible for the design work related to the restoration of the Morton Museum.
The design portion of the project is slated to take between eight and 10 months.
The first phase of construction will take around a year.
First floor renovations in the historic building, including electrical, carpeting, interior finishes and Americans with Disabilities Act improvements, have already been completed.
More than $2 million was approved last year for renovation work on the historic building.


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