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CPD offers safety tips in light of recent robbery

The Collierville Police Department is investigating a robbery that occurred Friday night on Bechers Brook Cove off of Grand Steeple Drive.
The victim was robbed in her driveway and shots were fired. The victim was taken to a nearby hospital.
Collierville police are following leads and are focused on finding the individual/individuals involved in the robbery.
“I am not convinced that this robbery was a random act,” said Town Administrator James Lewellen. “I believe that the victim was targeted at their place of business and followed to their home in Collierville where the robbery occurred.
“This type of crime will not be tolerated in Collierville and I want to assure the citizens that we will not allow violent crime to take a foothold in our community,” he continued.
Lewellen noted that Collierville is a safe community and the level of crime is low compared to neighboring towns and cities. However, Collierville and its residents are not immune to crime, especially when a criminal targets an individual elsewhere and follows them home.
The best action citizens can take is being aware of their surroundings and understanding what makes you a target in the eye of a criminal.
If you own a business and at times carry cash you may be a target for this type of criminal activity. Citizens in general should be mindful when leaving a bank, exiting a jewelry or electronics store or anywhere where a criminal might perceive that you have valuables with you. If you have withdrawn cash at a bank or have just made a major purchase in a store be careful and observant of your surroundings.
The Collierville Police Department has plans to address this type of activity including increasing high visibility patrols, following leads and working with other neighboring law enforcement agencies that have experienced similar type crimes.
It would not be prudent of the Collierville Police Department to divulge all the tactics and strategies it deploys to address all criminal activity but residents can be assured that a broad scope of tactics are being implemented including traffic stops based on probable cause, saturation of specific areas based on crime data, round the clock investigation and the use of crime stoppers and citizen’s tips.
Collierville citizens have the full commitment of all 158 members of the Collierville Police Department to ensure that all measures are being taken to keep Collierville a safe place to live and work. With this time of heightened awareness concerning the recent robbery, the Collierville Police Department is providing the following tips to help you and your family stay safe.
Most crimes are “crimes of opportunity.” A criminal often targets the easiest home to enter, the easiest car to break into, or the easiest purse to snatch.
One of the best ways to reduce your risk of becoming a victim is to avoid dangerous situations. Most criminals want easy targets, so making it tough for them will reduce your risk. Here are some ideas:
General Safety tips:
• Report any suspicious activity or person immediately to the Collierville Police Department at 9-1-1.
• Avoid carrying large sums of cash, or displaying expensive jewelry in public.
• Always be aware of your surroundings. If you are wearing headphones, don’t turn up the volume so high that you cannot hear outside noises.
• If possible, don’t walk alone during late-night hours. Walk in groups whenever you can—there is always safety in numbers.
• Let a family member or friend know your destination and your estimated time of arrival or return.
• Stay in well-lit areas as much as possible. Avoid alleys, vacant lots, wooded areas, and other short-cuts or secluded areas. They are usually not well-lit or heavily traveled.
• Walk confidently, directly, and at a steady pace. Don’t stop to talk to strangers.
• Wear clothing and shoes that give you freedom of movement. And don’t burden yourself with too many packages or items.
• Do what the robber says and don’t stall.
• Don’t make any sudden, unexpected moves. A nervous criminal may think you are reaching for a concealed weapon.
• If the suspect claims he has a gun, knife, razor, or other weapon in his pocket, never try to force his bluff.
• Afterward, call the police immediately. Call 911.
• Keep all witnesses at the scene until the police arrive.
• If a witness must leave, write down his or her name, address and telephone number.
• Write down a complete description of the suspect, weapon and vehicle used, if any.

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