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Collierville Literacy Council Tutor Spotlight

The Collierville Literacy Council will be showcasing tutors throughout the year.

The first showcase features husband and wife team John and Priscilla Dollar, of Germantown, worked together last year to help a CLC student earn his GED.

First Job – John: Delivering the Memphis Press Scimitar Priscilla: Day-camp counselor

Hobbies – John: Working out, canoeing, kayaking, reading, cards Priscilla: Knitting, reading, tennis, bridge, word games

Why did you want to become a tutor? John: My wife recruited me, knowing that I would enjoy it as she did. Priscilla: I’ve always enjoyed volunteerism and have a passion for literacy. As a former public school speech/language pathologist, I was accustomed to working with students primarily in group settings.  It was a special pleasure to be able to see my literacy student one-on-one.

Name one thing that surprised you most about tutoring. John: My student’s determination Priscilla: I was amazed at how quickly the time passed during tutoring sessions.

photo (2)What did your student teach you? John: Perseverance pays off. Priscilla: The sense of fulfillment that comes from seeing someone reach a life-changing goal

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