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Board of Education holds special meeting

The Collierville Schools Board of Education held a special business meeting Tuesday to discuss the district’s non-resident enrollment policy.

Regarding general transfer provisions, students living outside of the town’s school district under the following conditions:

1) Non-resident student applications must be approved by the superintendent.

2) Non-residents must provide transportation to and from school. There is no obligation for Collierville Schools to provide transportation to non-residents.

3) Non-residents must apply during the district’s open enrollment period each spring. The district will communicate the application period to the public annually. Applications received after this period will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Applications made less than two weeks before the beginning of school and during the school year require approval of the sending district.

4) Non-residents must apply in accordance with applicable state law and district policy.

Students living outside of Collierville will be considered based on the following priorities:

1) Students who are children of full-time employees of the district.

2) Students currently enrolled at one of the eight Collierville schools.

3) Students who have siblings currently enrolled in a Collierville school.

4) Students who have parents that work for the Town of Collierville

5) In years when rezoning anywhere in Shelby County will become effective, non-resident students living in an area that is closer to the Collierville school they want to attend than to the school to which they have been rezoned.

schoolslogo6) Non-residents living in Shelby County. 7) Non-residents living outside of Shelby County but in Tennessee.

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