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Sinkhole Along Wolf River Boulevard Temporarily Repaired



A failure along Germantown’s new Wolf River Boulevard Connector has been temporarily repaired.  A short section of the roadway, completed last summer, is being impacted by a streambed that was diverted during construction. The resulting erosion has caused a sinkhole in the outside east-bound lane.

A traffic control plan is under development and will be implemented after the City receives approval from the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT).

The repair plan includes installing a pipe under the road to contain the stream and prevent erosion problems. The project is expected to take about two weeks to complete, however, the pipe installation requires agreeable weather conditions. Based on the weather forecast, work may not begin until February 13 or 14.

All lanes are currently open to traffic. The preliminary plan for managing traffic around the site during construction involves diversion of east bound vehicles to the north side of the roadway beginning at a median opening just west of the street failure. East and west bound traffic would share the north side of the road for a distance.

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