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Concierge company will serve Collierville residents, businesses

Collierville residents can now get the kind of lifestyle management assistance previously available only in larger cities. Level Nine Services, founded by Germantown resident Chip Liebenow, seeks to give people back the quality of their lives, “one minute at a time.”
The concierge company offers a suite of services for residential and corporate clients. Grocery shopping, errand running, home repair and travel assistance are expected to be the most popular services with families.
Businesses can benefit from the event planning services and also by offering these services to their employees or clients.
“People are buried in errands,” Liebenow said. “Big companies, like Google, have for years provided their employees with concierge services. They know that a less-stressed, and more importantly, a present employee is more productive.”
In addition to on-demand services, the company plans to have corporate concierge packages that employers can bundle into their benefits package to attract top quality personnel.
The business founders plan to maintain strict quality control with management techniques gleaned from their years managing multi-million dollar operations and in the military.
“The quality and consistency of the service we provide is key and we know that,” Liebenow said. “Our focus will be on ensuring that clients equate our service with distinct level of delivery, along the lines of a Ritz Carlton or FedEx experience.”
For now, clients can schedule services and purchase packages at their website. In the future, the firm will expand its offerings to include more high-end services like putting together special events for Memphis happenings and offering long-term value added services such as in home staffing. More information can be found at

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