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Town’s jobless rate dropping

Unemployment rates dropped the same amount in Collierville and Shelby County in July, a good sign for the continued struggling economy.
In Collierville, the percentage of people dropped from 7.1 percent to 6.6 percent, or 0.05 percent. The total number of people unemployed fell from 21,930 to 20,480, meaning 1,440 collected unemployment benefits in Collierville during the month of June.
Meanwhile, the percentage of people in Shelby County unemployed fell by the same 0.05 percent. In the county, the much higher 10.3 percent unemployed during June fell to 9.8 percent in July.
However, Collierville still has more unemployed people than it did during July 2012, when the unemployment rate was 6.5 percent – just 0.01 percent lower than in July 2013.
Statewide, Shelby County fell near the middle in terms of unemployment in Tennessee. The county with the lowest unemployment was Williamson County with 5.8 percent. The county with the highest was Scott County, where unemployment was at 17.2 percent.

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