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‘Acoustic Ninja’ to play GPC

Renowned acoustic guitar musician Trace Bundy will perform at 7:30 p.m. Saturday at Germantown Presbyterian Church. Bundy, a Colorado resident, has sold more than 70,000 albums and garnered 30 million hits on YouTube.
The Shelby Sun Times recently caught up with Bundy in anticipation of his Aug. 10 concert.
Are you comfortable being called a guitar virtuoso?
Not really. There are so many different styles and techniques out there, and I definitely haven’t mastered all of them! But I’TraceCJll continue to try to learn and grow as much as possible on the guitar.
You conjure so many different melodies (not to mention rhythms) with your guitar simultaneously. It’s almost as if you are directing an orchestra at times rather than playing a singular instrument. Can you explain the genesis of this?
In my opinion, I have a terrible singing voice. Since I don’t sing, I have to try to incorporate all of the melodies and chord progressions simultaneously on my guitar. And if possible, I try to add in some percussive playing too. I guess I try to be a one-man-band!
You incorporate several “cover” songs into your live shows. Do you enjoy interpreting popular songs, or is it a matter of creating fun for the audience?
I love taking popular songs and trying to reinterpret them in unique innovative ways. And they often end up becoming crowd favorites too.
n How has YouTube helped your career?
YouTube and other online sites like Pandora have been huge for my career. A lot of my fans say they originally found me on YouTube. I have around 29 million views of all of my videos, which is really cool. It’s so interesting how technology has changed the music industry these days.
How did you come up with the iPhone jams? (He sometimes plays iPhone apps on stage)
When somebody released a guitar app on the iPhone, I downloaded it right away and got to work. It’s actually quite hard to play because it’s so small. I’m always looking for fun and innovative ways to make my concerts really enjoyable for my fans, and this is one of them.

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