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Local tech whiz youngest ever invited to conference

Keith Mattix is a freshman at Houston High, but he’s no ordinary 14-year-old.
Next month, Mattix will be the youngest presenter ever in the history of TechCamp Memphis, a technology conference for local/regional tech professionals and enthusiasts.
Mattix’s, who taught himself binary code when he was just 8 and started writing basic programs by the time he was 12, was tutored for several months by a software engineer from FedEx, but, according to his mom, “the tutor couldn’t keep pace.”
At the age of 13, Mattix enrolled in college classes at Southwest Tennessee Community College. He was granted admission after earning a score of 24 on the ACT as a 12-year-old DUKE Scholar.
Since then, he’s been highly active in the local tech community, attending user groups, like Memphis Tech Corner, JAVA, Python, PHP and Oracle, and working closely with some high level executives at local tech companies. All the while, he has maintained a 4.0 GPA as a dual enrollment student at Houston High School.
Every two years, TechCamp Memphis brings together the area’s top minds in the local tech community. Workshops offer insight into the latest trends and skills for the audience of developers, programmers, online/social marketers and content creators of all sorts, from bloggers and podcasters to musicians, photographers and digital artists. Mattix will be leading a workshop on the Ruby on Rails programming language — otherwise known as the language of Twitter.
TechCamp Memphis takes place on Nov. 3 at Southwest Tennessee Community College. For more information, go to

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